Winner of SheTrades Global
& Women in Africa 2021

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Tamarind Leaf Yoga wins first place at two international competitions: SheTrades Global and Women in Africa (WIA54). Its co-founders, Hethal & Ajit Mohun, have created the first ‘home-born and grown’ wellness platform to have placed Mauritius on the wellness map in 2021 in spite of the economic crisis triggered by Covid 19.  Learn more about their next-to-impossible journey from crisis to success.

Programs for Holistic Health & Healing

Specialized Yoga

Custom-made programs based on Yogic science to manage and heal specific ailments including anxiety, panic attack, depression, back pain, sciatica, hormonal imbalance, hypertension, gastric problems, cancer etc

Prenatal Yoga

Designed to support the physical and mental well-being of the expectant mother, the healthy growth of the baby and a smooth delivery. Follow-up with postnatal yoga to stabilise emotions, boost recovery and enhance breastfeeding.

Workplace Yoga

Join us online from your workplace or we join you onsite. Raise your fitness level, manage your stress and recharge. The program also develops mindfulness, builds your emotional quotient, nurtures your creativity and boosts your productivity.

Kids & Teens Yoga

Dedicated classes for 11-17 year olds for physical, emotional and intellectual growth. Fun classes for 4-10 year olds for enhanced learning, memory and creativity. Mindfulness and relaxation underpin both programs.

Fitness Yoga

Slow, dynamic or pure sweat? Beginners or experienced? Select your preferred body-mind workout, and start building strength, stamina and flexibility. Relaxation and peace of mind will be the fruits of your hard work!

Diet & Lifestyle Coaching

We help you recover your health by creating a plan involving diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices. Steeped in Yogic and Ayurvedic traditions, our approach is precise, personalised and holistic. We coach you one-to-one to achieve your healing and happiness goals.
I’ve been into yoga on and off long stretches since a young age, 35 years now. I’ve had well learned gurus and teachers in ashrams in Mauritius, Reunion and India. I see Hethal and Ajit as very very good yoga masters. They master the techniques and the teaching skills it takes to deliver high standard yoga classes online. They are also very devoted, kind, empathic, considerate and attentive to personal ailments or issues. Hethal is the « Iron hand in velvet glove lady», taking you further and further slowly but surely. Ajit is the « Come on let’s move it...not too quickly, not too slowly, but steadily ! ». I find them perfectly complementary. I look forward and enjoy equally my bi-weekly yoga therapy classes with either of them. Perfect organisation, scheduling, communication, reminders etc. I love their easy to browse web page.
Sheela Jhowry
Online Yoga Therapy / Saint-Denis, Réunion
Intermediate Yoga with Pranayama
Yoga class at Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre is inspirational and contributes to the well being. It is a source for rejuvenation & a must for anyone who can attend be it onsite or online.
Beginners Plus / Quatre Bornes
Yoga Therapy
I highly recommend yoga therapy class coupled with Ayurvedic diet at TLYC. I am now a transformed person both physically and mentally. Happy and grounded with 10 Kgs less! So go for it, it will change your life!
Yoga Therapy / Quatre Bornes
My experience at TLYC
Utterly thankful to Hethal & Ajit for introducing me to Hatha Yoga, Pranayama & Ayurveda + much much more. 🧡 It was a YES at 1st Asana! Since then it has been a growing curve. After almost 4 years, I remain a happy student of TLYC, for I always finish each class with a big smile on my face, gratitude in my heart & stillness in my mind. I recommend TLYC to everyone who wishes to embrace Yoga in all its simplicity & profoundness. Hari Om 🙏
Ayurvedic Diet, Yoga Therapy / Quatre Bornes
Sadhana program – for physical and mental wellbeing.
I have started the Sadhana program for the past nine months, and I loved it. I'm doing the fasting and cleansing program and participating in the yoga and meditation activities. The staff at Sadhana yoga are compassionate and attentive and truly welcome you in as part of their family. The yoga classes were rigorous and designed for the participants each day to be made more or less difficult, depending on the experience, which is excellent. I felt so much better after fasting; it was a perfect detox. I can't recommend this place more; it is an ideal escape from day to day's work! Thank you to the Sadhana family for the best days! Ajit & Hethal
Neil Zaveri
Sadhana class / Quatre Bornes
Highly recommend
Both Ajit and Hethal are caring, dedicated and experienced yoga teachers. The Centre is full of positive vibes and best place to relax after a hard day’s work. 🙏🏻
Ingrid Letimier
Beginners Yoga / Tamarin
Benefits of Yoga
Yoga has changed my mindset and has been beneficial to me. It keeps me in a good and heartily condition.
Patricia Monique
Beginners Yoga / Curepipe
Recommending Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre
I have been practising yoga at the TLYC for almost 3 years now. I like the peaceful atmosphere out there very much. The perfect place to be at peace with oneself. Tranquility, discipline, calmness and spirituality are the four things that I like the most about TLYC. I am still learning the various poses, and indeed very happy to learn more. Ajit & Hethal are amazing yoga teachers.
Anushka Ramtohul
Beginners Plus / Rose Hill
To try is to adopt
After suffering from respiratory illnesses for years, I have finally decided to enroll for yoga therapy class, with the hope to get some relief and heal. It’s been a year now that I joined the Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre and it’s a fact that my overall health has improved a lot. This was made possible not only with the practice of yoga exercise but also thanks to the Ayurveda consultation and advices from Hethal and Ajit. The fact that I never practiced yoga before was never an issue as Hethal and Ajit are top instructors who will always take time to explain / demonstrate and encourage you. Try yoga at Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre and you’ll adopt it.
Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Diet / Moka
This world needs more people like you
I feel fortunate to have an amazing and inspirational Yoga teacher. You have enhanced my way of life in numerous way that I need to thank you for. This world needs more people like you.
Simla P.
Beginners Yoga / Quatre Bornes
Yoga therapy for kids
I am very pleased with the classes for my kids. I will definitely recommend to other parents who want their kids to grow on this path. Well done to the whole team!
Yoga Therapy for Kids / Vacoas
Professional coaches
Very professional coaches. Always a bliss to spend time with you.
Nadine Gebert
Vinyasa yoga / Tamarin
Simply wonderful and amazing
I have been attending yoga classes regularly with Ajit and Hethal since January 2018. The change or should I say the transformation which yoga has brought to my body is simply amazing. I can now do many of the asanas, which in the beginning were difficult, with ease, thus making the practice of yoga more pleasurable. However, my favourite class is Restorative Yoga. A big thank you to both Ajit and Hethal for their commitment towards their students. They are indeed great yoga instructors.
Restorative Yoga / Quatre Bornes
Real Yoga Gurus
Since I started yoga at TLYC 5 months ago, I can confidently say that I am lucky to have such a compassionate and inspiring yoga teacher as Ajit. The tailor made program is all I needed. I always look forward to my class twice a week and I always leave there full of positive energy and relaxed. I am overwhelmed by the dedication and commitment of both Ajit and Hethal.
Evita Dabee
Yoga Therapy / Quatre Bornes
Very professional and efficient
Started Yoga Therapy (2 classes per week) around June 2020 after a serious medical treatment which imposed a strict confinement home because of COVID-19 pandemic in France. Distance Yoga classes was the only solution for me. It helped me keep strong mentally during this very difficult period and also maintain my physical condition. I am very grateful to Hethal and Ajit for sharing their experience and knowledge with me. Hari Om.
Ramesh Pyndiah
Yoga Therapy / Brest, France
Hooked on their classes
Been doing Therapy for about 7 months and I have seen significant improvements in my health. I am still learning to listen to my body and this is something both Hethal and Ajit are helping me with. The classes are tailored to cater for each individual and I would highly recommend to others 🙂
Yoga Therapy / Quatre Bornes
Yoga helped me a lot
Yoga classes has been great for me. As per my job, I have to stand a lot, my classes helped me a lot.
Vinod Mungur
Beginners Yoga / Quatre Bornes
Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga
Started my journey with Hethal as from the 10th week of Pregnancy. All the yoga asanas and pranayama helped and contributed to my smooth pregnancy throughout the 9 months.. no vomitting, no diabetes, no high blood pressure. I can still hear Hethal’s voice saying "Have you done your practice.. show me what you have been doing". Calm, patient and caring, Hethal is the go-to person if you are pregnant and are looking for a prenatal class. She has the experience, qualification and knowledge to practise. Postnatal class also helped me a lot.. but with a different Hethal. I called her Hitler didi hehe.. Results of postnatal yoga: All my colleagues were surprised when I resumed work.. same old Poovani with the same flat belly.. they all wanted to know the secret. Go for it.. yoga classes will be beneficial throughout your life.. cause whatever you learn remains, and it is up to you to practise. Thank you Hethal for everything.  
Poovani Veerachetty
Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga / Moka
Must do – Yoga and meditation during pregnancy
Being a very active person, pregnancy sort of slowed down my usual routine. Trail running or golf were not doctor approved fitness during pregnancy. I then opted for prenatal Yoga classes and I am so blessed I met with Hethal from Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre. During her class, I could enjoy physical activity in a safe environment and meet other mums to be. The breathing exercises, gentle stretches and sharing experiences made my pregnancy enjoyable and labour manageable. Hethal knows which exercises are proper for which trimester and provides great guidance and support in the journey as a future mum. I definitely recommend yoga to any mums to be or anyone really !
Sandrine Wong
Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga / Ebene
Enhanced personal development and communication
A huge thank you to Hethal who has helped my little Myra of 6 years in her interpersonal development and communication skills through the yoga therapy, Myra gained a lot in terms of her inner strength and self confidence, As for Myra Hethal is her angel...
Myra Dasmuth
Yoga Therapy for Kids / Beau Bassin
Highly recommended
Yoga is a way of living. TLYC is the perfect environment to begin your yoga journey. After the class, I always feel positive and stress-free. Grateful for having a yoga centre like this in Mauritius.
Yovania Madré
Beginners Yoga / Quatre Bornes
Excellent class
I started prenatal yoga with Hethal when I was about 4-5 months pregnant, and did not regret it at all. The class helped alleviate some pains I was having, and wonderfully replaced my other physical activities that I had to stop due to pregnancy. Hethal is very attentive, and she customized the class to our needs. I highly recommend prenatal yoga as a very good means to stay active and prepare for delivery. Compared to my first pregnancy when I didn’t take yoga class, my second pregnancy was much better.
Prenatal yoga / Belle Rose
Absolutely recommend
I love the feeling of physical and mental well being after each of the yoga sessions at Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre. The atmosphere is pleasant, peaceful: the teachers are very knowledgeable and skilled. Absolutely recommend to give it a try: invest in yourself!
Vinyasa Yoga / Quatre Bornes
Experience at TLYC is Real & Amazing
I have been doing yoga on and off for a few years but my experience at TLYC is completely different! I have joined the yoga therapy program with Hethal since the past two months in order to overcome trauma, stress and illness and I must say that the results are amazing! I feel stronger both physically and mentally and the improvement is clearly visible already. This is only the beginning for me and I cannot wait to continue on this journey with her. While the centre is full of positive energy, I do enjoy the online classes that are keeping me going at the moment during the confinement. Both Hethal and Ajit are wonderful people and I am really lucky I have found them...
Yoga Therapy / Quatre Bornes
On the journey to wellness and peace of mind
It has been 5 months since I joined TLYC for Yoga therapy sessions and Ayurveda consultations. I enjoy the twice weekly sessions which are conducted in a cordial yet studious atmosphere and am very thankful to Hethal and Ajit for designing a personalized and flexible program geared towards my ailments and that address my specific needs. The application of such program is already giving encouraging results and my health is improving. Hethal and Ajit are imbued with their mission of teaching how to achieve wellness and peace of mind through the integration of yoga practice in daily life. Their dedication and positive energy motivate me to give it my best efforts and I am very keen to pursue this long journey with the expert guidance and the personalized accompaniment provided by them.
Gilles Chaperon
Yoga Therapy / Flic en Flac
A Transformative Journey
I have been doing regular yoga classes with Hethal and Ajit for 4 years or more. Last December I was having some health issues and I shifted to the yoga therapy class which is specifically designed to treat different types of illnesses. Within few weeks, there was a marked improvement in my overall health condition and state of mind. The logistics are very professional and classes are well conducted. You can only feel relaxed, stressed free after each class. The classes have also helped me to lose many kilos over time. I would strongly recommend TLYC for ANYONE: young, old, those with health issues and also people enjoying perfect health. One needs to be regular and patient, the results will definitely come.
Deny Sawmy
Vinyasa & Yoga Therapy / Roches Brunes
Highly recommend for body and mental wellness
I have been doing yoga at Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre since a year now and I only have had a positive experience. Hethal and Ajit are great teachers and the centre is very accessible, aerated and spacious. I would not hesitate to recommend the centre to anyone for body and MENTAL wellness.
Christopher Lim
Beginners Yoga / Quatre Bornes