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Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre (TLYC) is the fruit of the personal sadhana of its two co-founding members and life partners, Vidyamurti (Hethal) and Ajnananda (Ajit). Trained under the guidance of their Guru, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, at the Bihar School of Yoga in India, Vidyamurti and Ajnananda have been working relentlessly to establish a correct understanding and experience of yoga which transcend the most known aspects of yoga: asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing practices).

At the TLYC, yoga is taught not just as a mechanical practice but as an integral component of our daily life to maintain physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health. The ultimate aim is for you to go beyond suffering, and walk on the positive, happy and auspicious side of life. Teaching takes place through classes, talks, havan, kirtan, pilgrimages, and other practical and innovative ways which enable you to imbibe the essence of the different branches of yoga from hatha to raja, karma, bhakti and jnana yoga.

Rooted in classical yoga, taught in the Guru-Shishya parampara, Vidyamurti and Ajnananda also have the background of a corporate career built over fifteen years locally and internationally. Whilst they teach in humility what they have received by their Guru’s grace, they both have a realistic understanding of the pressures of today’s fast-paced world. TLYC is therefore a confluence of tradition and modernity, which is backed by an efficient online booking system. Since you can create and manage your account with us online, you can spend more time on the yoga mat rather than handling administrative issues when you arrive for your scheduled class. We also offer online yoga classes, which you can attend from the convenience of your home.

TLYC is also a community for people who want to make a small but impactful change in society. The leaves of the tamarind tree are very small, but they are packed so closely together that they give better shade than the large leaves of the banana tree. We believe that, like the tamarind tree, a large number of little people, working together, can accomplish much more than a few big people. Talk to us if this path strikes a chord, and let us strive to be the change that we want to see in the world.

Book Now for an introduction to yoga as per the Bihar School of Yoga in the heart of Quatre Bornes, Mauritius!

Hari Om Tat Sat

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