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In the News

Tamarind Leaf Yoga wins first place at two international competitions: SheTrades Global and Women in Africa (WIA54). Its co-founders, Hethal & Ajit Mohun, have created the first ‘home-born and grown’ wellness platform to have placed Mauritius on the wellness map in 2021 in spite of the economic crisis triggered by Covid 19.  Learn more about their next-to-impossible journey from crisis to success.

Programs for Holistic Health & Healing

Specialized Yoga

Custom-made programs based on Yogic science to manage and heal specific ailments including anxiety, panic attack, depression, back pain, sciatica, hormonal imbalance, hypertension, gastric problems, cancer etc

Prenatal Yoga

Designed to support the physical and mental well-being of the expectant mother, the healthy growth of the baby and a smooth delivery. Follow-up with postnatal yoga to stabilise emotions, boost recovery and enhance breastfeeding.

Workplace Yoga

Join us online from your workplace or we join you onsite. Raise your fitness level, manage your stress and recharge. The program also develops mindfulness, builds your emotional quotient, nurtures your creativity and boosts your productivity.

Kids & Teens Yoga

Dedicated classes for 11-17 year olds for physical, emotional and intellectual growth. Fun classes for 4-10 year olds for enhanced learning, memory and creativity. Mindfulness and relaxation underpin both programs.

Fitness Yoga

Slow, dynamic or pure sweat? Beginners or experienced? Select your preferred body-mind workout, and start building strength, stamina and flexibility. Relaxation and peace of mind will be the fruits of your hard work!

Diet & Lifestyle Coaching

We help you recover your health by creating a plan involving diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices. Steeped in Yogic and Ayurvedic traditions, our approach is precise, personalised and holistic. We coach you one-to-one to achieve your healing and happiness goals.