Yoga is for everyone. Come as you are!


Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre offers a wide range of yoga classes for adults and kids in the heart of Quatre Bornes. Whether you are a complete beginner, interested in deepening your practice or looking to heal minor injuries and illnesses, you will find a class to suit your needs.

Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre is the fruit of several years of personal practice by the two founding members and life partners, Hethal & Ajit Mohun. They started learning yoga while they were living in Canada, and continued their training and certification in India and Dubai.

Our Philosophy

The leaves of the tamarind tree are very small, but they are packed so closely together that they give better shade than the large leaves of the banana tree. Like the tamarind tree, a large number of little people, working together closely, can accomplish much more than a few big people.

Strong believers in this philosophy, Hethal and Ajit have founded Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre to enable each individual to transform the quality of his life, as well as that of his family and community. Let us all strive to be the change that we want to see in the world!

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a 15-000 year old discipline which strengthens the body, calms the mind, and nourishes the soul. It is for everyone. Come as you are!

Since yoga cannot be talked about but has to be experienced, contact us to sign up for one of our classes today!

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