Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Started my journey with Hethal as from the 10th week of Pregnancy. All the yoga asanas and pranayama helped and contributed to my smooth pregnancy throughout the 9 months.. no vomitting, no diabetes, no high blood pressure.
I can still hear Hethal’s voice saying “Have you done your practice.. show me what you have been doing”.
Calm, patient and caring, Hethal is the go-to person if you are pregnant and are looking for a prenatal class. She has the experience, qualification and knowledge to practise.
Postnatal class also helped me a lot.. but with a different Hethal. I called her Hitler didi hehe..
Results of postnatal yoga: All my colleagues were surprised when I resumed work.. same old Poovani with the same flat belly.. they all wanted to know the secret.
Go for it.. yoga classes will be beneficial throughout your life.. cause whatever you learn remains, and it is up to you to practise.
Thank you Hethal for everything.