Therapy Plan
Rs 5200 / month
2 classes / week
18 years and above
Auto-renew monthly plan
1h30min class
Pranayama & Meditation included
Online & onsite Therapy class
Online class booking
Email & SMS reminders
10% off Ayurvedic Diet Programs
10% off Yogic Detox
Annual Attendance Certificate
Parking available
No late payment fee
First month prorated
Children Therapy Plan
Rs 2700 / month
1 class / week
4 - 17 years
Auto-renew monthly plan
1h15min class
Online & onsite Therapy class
Online class booking
Email & SMS reminders
10% off Ayurvedic Diet Programs
Annual Attendance Certificate
Parking available
No late payment fee
First month prorated
A Transformative Journey
I have been doing regular yoga classes with Hethal and Ajit for 4 years or more. Last December I was having some health issues and I shifted to the yoga therapy class which is specifically designed to treat different types of illnesses. Within few weeks, there was a marked improvement in my overall health condition and state of mind. The logistics are very professional and classes are well conducted. You can only feel relaxed, stressed free after each class. The classes have also helped me to lose many kilos over time. I would strongly recommend TLYC for ANYONE: young, old, those with health issues and also people enjoying perfect health. One needs to be regular and patient, the results will definitely come.
Deny Sawmy
Vinyasa & Yoga Therapy / Roches Brunes
On the journey to wellness and peace of mind
It has been 5 months since I joined TLYC for Yoga therapy sessions and Ayurveda consultations. I enjoy the twice weekly sessions which are conducted in a cordial yet studious atmosphere and am very thankful to Hethal and Ajit for designing a personalized and flexible program geared towards my ailments and that address my specific needs. The application of such program is already giving encouraging results and my health is improving. Hethal and Ajit are imbued with their mission of teaching how to achieve wellness and peace of mind through the integration of yoga practice in daily life. Their dedication and positive energy motivate me to give it my best efforts and I am very keen to pursue this long journey with the expert guidance and the personalized accompaniment provided by them.
Gilles Chaperon
Yoga Therapy / Flic en Flac
Experience at TLYC is Real & Amazing
I have been doing yoga on and off for a few years but my experience at TLYC is completely different! I have joined the yoga therapy program with Hethal since the past two months in order to overcome trauma, stress and illness and I must say that the results are amazing! I feel stronger both physically and mentally and the improvement is clearly visible already. This is only the beginning for me and I cannot wait to continue on this journey with her. While the centre is full of positive energy, I do enjoy the online classes that are keeping me going at the moment during the confinement. Both Hethal and Ajit are wonderful people and I am really lucky I have found them…
Yoga Therapy / Quatre Bornes
Enhanced personal development and communication
A huge thank you to Hethal who has helped my little Myra of 6 years in her interpersonal development and communication skills through the yoga therapy, Myra gained a lot in terms of her inner strength and self confidence, As for Myra Hethal is her angel…
Myra Dasmuth
Yoga Therapy for Kids / Beau Bassin
Hooked on their classes
Been doing Therapy for about 7 months and I have seen significant improvements in my health. I am still learning to listen to my body and this is something both Hethal and Ajit are helping me with. The classes are tailored to cater for each individual and I would highly recommend to others 🙂
Yoga Therapy / Quatre Bornes
Very professional and efficient
Started Yoga Therapy (2 classes per week) around June 2020 after a serious medical treatment which imposed a strict confinement home because of COVID-19 pandemic in France. Distance Yoga classes was the only solution for me. It helped me keep strong mentally during this very difficult period and also maintain my physical condition. I am very grateful to Hethal and Ajit for sharing their experience and knowledge with me. Hari Om.
Ramesh Pyndiah
Yoga Therapy / Brest, France
Real Yoga Gurus
Since I started yoga at TLYC 5 months ago, I can confidently say that I am lucky to have such a compassionate and inspiring yoga teacher as Ajit. The tailor made program is all I needed. I always look forward to my class twice a week and I always leave there full of positive energy and relaxed. I am overwhelmed by the dedication and commitment of both Ajit and Hethal.
Evita Dabee
Yoga Therapy / Quatre Bornes
Yoga therapy for kids
I am very pleased with the classes for my kids. I will definitely recommend to other parents who want their kids to grow on this path. Well done to the whole team!
Yoga Therapy for Kids / Vacoas
To try is to adopt
After suffering from respiratory illnesses for years, I have finally decided to enroll for yoga therapy class, with the hope to get some relief and heal. It’s been a year now that I joined the Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre and it’s a fact that my overall health has improved a lot. This was made possible not only with the practice of yoga exercise but also thanks to the Ayurveda consultation and advices from Hethal and Ajit. The fact that I never practiced yoga before was never an issue as Hethal and Ajit are top instructors who will always take time to explain / demonstrate and encourage you. Try yoga at Tamarind Leaf Yoga Centre and you’ll adopt it.
Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Diet / Moka
My experience at TLYC
Utterly thankful to Hethal & Ajit for introducing me to Hatha Yoga, Pranayama & Ayurveda + much much more. 🧡 It was a YES at 1st Asana! Since then it has been a growing curve. After almost 4 years, I remain a happy student of TLYC, for I always finish each class with a big smile on my face, gratitude in my heart & stillness in my mind. I recommend TLYC to everyone who wishes to embrace Yoga in all its simplicity & profoundness. Hari Om 🙏
Ayurvedic Diet, Yoga Therapy / Quatre Bornes
Yoga Therapy
I highly recommend yoga therapy class coupled with Ayurvedic diet at TLYC. I am now a transformed person both physically and mentally. Happy and grounded with 10 Kgs less! So go for it, it will change your life!
Yoga Therapy / Quatre Bornes