I’ve been into yoga on and off long stretches since a young age, 35 years now. I’ve had well learned gurus and teachers in ashrams in Mauritius, Reunion and India. I see Hethal and Ajit as very very good yoga masters. They master the techniques and the teaching skills it takes to deliver high standard yoga classes online. They are also very devoted, kind, empathic, considerate and attentive to personal ailments or issues.
Hethal is the « Iron hand in velvet glove lady», taking you further and further slowly but surely.
Ajit is the « Come on let’s move it…not too quickly, not too slowly, but steadily ! ». I find them perfectly complementary. I look forward and enjoy equally my bi-weekly yoga therapy classes with either of them.
Perfect organisation, scheduling, communication, reminders etc.
I love their easy to browse web page.