Beginners Yoga

For new Yogis and Yoginis. Introduction to basic standing, spinal twisting, and seated asanas (postures).

Beginners Plus

Exploration of asanas at a deeper level. Introduction to balancing and inverted asanas as well as pranayama (breathing exercises).

Yoga for Core Strength

Dynamic Yoga Sequence to strengthen core muscles. Ideal for losing weight.


Structured meditation techniques for deep physical, mental and emotion relaxation. Ideal for relief from stress, calming of negative emotions, and recovery from illness.

Restorative Yoga

Slow-paced yoga using props to support the body. Deep relaxation for maximum benefit from each asana. Ideal for stress relief and recovery from illness or injury.

Kids Yoga

Perfect for kids who love to rock and roll. Includes practices for relaxation, increasing focus, sharpening memory and developing creativity.

Yoga Therapy

Application of yogic science to manage specific ailments including back pain, sciatica, reproductive problems, panic attacks, insomnia, cancer, and others.

Free Events

Yajna (fire ceremony), Mantra, Kirtan, Satsang (talks on how to apply yogic science and philosophy in daily living), and more.

Corporate Yoga

We come to your workplace. You get to relax and recharge before taking on the next challenge!

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